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Classes at Blackstone Quilting Company in 2022


Good News!!

I am teaching classes at Blackstone Quilting Company on Saturdays and Sundays.

Blackstone Quilting Company is now in the space where Ryco was, just a little smaller.

I am really looking forward to working with them and all of you.

In order to see the classes and to sign up for them, you will need to go to their website

You can see pictures of the quilts and get the dates from their website

You will sign up with them directly not with me.


This fall and winter I will be teaching the following quilts which are available fo sign up on their wesite:

Over by the Pond - a paper piecing project

3 of a Kind Quilt

The Kaleidoscope Quilt

Learn How to Make a Quilt - Beginners

In 2023 I am planning to offer:

A Nine Block Sampler using Many Techniques

Woven Together Quilt

and others that are still wandering around in my head

These are not on their website yet so stay tuned


Woven Together Quilt

This quilt is a bit of a challenge but doable (not as crazy as Labyrinth Walk or Spiral Motion). A picture of the quilt and its sample fabric card are to the left.

Cutting for Woven Together Quilt

I usually use the lines on the cutting mat to line up the ruler on the fabric. Because the pattern calls for a lot of 2 1/4" cuts (not the usual 2 1/2"), I decided to do it differently. I found this method made the measuring and cutting much easier.

1. Fold the fabric as usual with the selvages brought up to match the fold of the fabric so it fits the cutting mat better.

2. Trim the left edge to get a clean straight line. If you are left handed, trim the right edge.

3. Place the ruler on the fabric so 2 1/4" of the the ruler is on the fabric, then cut along the right edge of the ruler. Open the first strip to make sure it is straight. If not carefully fold it again.

4. Continue placing the ruler on 2 1/4" of the fabric and cut again. Continue to get the number of strips needed.

5. For some of the wider strips, I used a 12" square ruler. For the very wide strips I went back to measuring on the cutting mat.

6. This method works great on cutting the strip sets too. You'll need to carefully fold the strip set in half so it fits on the mat.


When you check the fees for the classes, you will see my fee plus a $5 per session classroom fee which goes to the store. For example: a class that meets 3 times would cost $30 plus a $15 classroom fee.


I hope to see you in class.