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The Fish That Didn't Want to Go to School

When a young fish becomes nervous about starting school, his friend frog tries to help.

The Red Squirrel

After almost being hit by a car, this squirrel refuses to cross even a driveway to play with his friends.

Peanut Butter and the Jellyfish

A hermit crab and a jellyfish learn about courage.

Elwood's Imagination

This is a revision of the first children's book I wrote. It is about a very imaginative elephant that uses his skills to solve a problem.

Mouse Wants More

Being the youngest in a family can be frustrating. Drawing all the different mice was quite a challenge.

The Whale That Wished for Wings

Once the whale had a glimpse of the world above the ocean waves, he wanted to see more.

Veggies on Vacation

What if veggies took vacations too? Follow the clues and see what each veggie would like to do on vacation.

The Hi-Bear-Nating Bear

Once the little bear heard about hibernation, he thought it would be fun. But was it?