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This web site contains some of the quilts I have made in the past and information about the classes I am teaching. There is also a section of some of the stories I have written for young children; more stories will be added soon.

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Starting in 2003 I began to write books that would help me teach sign language to young children. They are based on teaching one letter of the alphabet each week. Until I finished all 26, stories and illustrations would pop up in my head at the oddest times, and I couldn’t rest until they were on paper.


The pattern for the first quilt I made was featured in a woman’s magazine a few years after I was married. I remember the cardboard templates and tracing and cutting each piece by hand. Thank heavens for the invention of the rotary cutter!

Now I love experimenting with new techniques, sometimes following designs I buy and sometimes making quilts entirely from my own imagination. This section includes just some of my favorites.


For the last few years I have traveled to Sisters, Oregon, for their amazing Outdoor Quilt Show ( For one day the town is covered with quilts; last year there were 1,300 quilts. Twice I have sent a quilt to be put up for sale at the show. Both of these sold before noontime!