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Sue Angell, Sue Lieb, and I left on July 8th for a week long trip to Oregon. Since many of you wanted to know about our trip, we put this together for you. The stars * , one to five, will let you know our reaction to the experiences we had. I included the route numbers in case you want to follow our trip on a map. This picture shows you how much we dislike having our picture taken!

Day 1

We took a very early flight to Portland and arrived at 10:30 AM (there is a three hour time change). After getting our rental car at Thrifty and having lunch, we headed directly to Fabric Depot which is a huge fabric store near our hotel. ***** About a 40 minute drive got us to the Portland Rose Garden in Washington Park. It was hot and a bit humid so we didn't stay long. *** - more if you love roses. We stayed overnight at the Best Western Pony Soldier. All the hotels had pools but this one is outdoors and especially nice. *****

Day 2

This day started by going east on Rt 84 and then onto Rt 30, a scenic highway. Our first stop was at Crown Point/Vista House.

The view from Vista House is the Columbia River. The day was cloudy so the view was a little limited, but definitely worth stopping. ****




Staying on Rt 30, which like most of the roads we traveled was winding and hilly, we really enjoyed three very tall waterfalls: Latourell Falls, Wahkeena Falls which has a bridge you can hike up to, and Multnomah Falls which is the tallest and most famous.*****



After turning south on Rt 35 at Hood River, the road becomes an area known as the Fruit Loop because of all the orchards. Thanks to everything being well marked and easy to find, we stopped at Hood River Lavender Farm where you can pick a bunch of lavender and check out all the things that are made with it. ****



Next was a side trip to Cascade Alpacas and Foothills Yarn and Fiber. Both Sue's bought yarn labeled with the names of the alpacas that produced the wool. (Ask if they have finished their projects.) I bought a warm hat made from alpaca wool knitted by a woman named Judy – no, that is not cheating. I also hand fed one of the pregnant alpacas. ***** The picture is two of the young alpacas on the farm.



Lunch was at a BBQ restaurant in Parkdale which is a tiny town at the terminus of a scenic railroad. Sue L. then drove us to Timberline Lodge which is just above the treeline on Mt Hood. There were snowboarders making their way to the snow a little further up the mountain.




Our overnight for the next two nights was Best Western Rama Inn in Redmond. ****

It took a good two hours to drive from Mt Hood to Redmond on Rt 26 and Rt 97. We drove into Sisters on Rt 126/20 for an evening program at the high school. The town is named for three nearby mountains named Faith, Hope, and Charity. This year's evening speaker was Tula Pink who is a fabric designer. Each year they feature a different speaker. There was also a show and tell of quilts made by the teachers who teach quilt classes during the week before the show. Students from these classes also showed quilts they had made this year or in the years past. Since this was the 40th anniversary of the quilt show, many told us what they were doing forty years ago which was a lot of fun. ****

What were you doing 40 years ago this July?

Day 3

We went back to the high school in Sisters to see the fabric postcards made by the quilting instructors who taught class that week. It was amazing to see what could be created in such small spaces. The framed postcards are auctioned off for charity. *****

Black Butte Ranch just a few miles outside of Sisters held a quilt show and brunch. There was a beautiful view of the mountains across the lake, with quilts on display outside the lodge. Their raffle quilt was the same pattern as my Round Pegs in a Square Hole quilt. The delicious brunch was eaten on a patio overlooking the show.



The Stitch'n Post, the quilt store in Sisters, was our next stop, and then we explored the town.

That evening was Picnic in the Park. ***** Five hundred quilters enjoyed a great dinner, and we got to talk to the other quilters who shared our table. We gave one quilter a copy of Ryco's Row by Row pattern. The Gee's Bend Quilters sang while their quilts were being displayed. There was a trunk show of quilts made by the staff of the Stitch'in Post, and then Alex Anderson spoke and showed some of her quilts.




Day 4

THE QUILT SHOW ********** This show is presented outdoors. This year there were 1400 quilts! The main street of the town is closed to traffic and the quilts line the three main streets from one end of the town to the other and include quilts along the side streets that connect them. We spent about five hours looking at the wonderful quilts. It is a lot of walking to see them all but it is also very inspiring. Luckily the streets in town are flat; there were no hills to climb.




The drive down from the high desert to Corvallis on Rt 20 and 34 took about two hours. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express on the River. *** There is a River Walk near the hotel that we explored in the morning.




Day Five

To get to the ocean we drove through the coastal range of mountains on Rt 20 to Newport and then headed south to Florence along Rt 101. The drive along the coast includes some very curvy up and down hills including areas close to the edges of cliffs. Just north of Florence is The Sea Lion Caves. ***** You take an elevator 200 feet down into caves that open to the sea and give a safe refuge to the animals. Both Sue's walked down to a viewing area where the rocks were covered with well over a hundred sea lions plus many more in the water.

Just south of Florence is Sandland Adventures where Sue and Sue signed up for a dune buggy ride out into the Oregon Dunes. Sue L gave this **** while Sue A gave it ***. I chose not to go on the ride; I had done this on another trip to the coast and since I can be prone to motion sickness, I waited for them at the loading area. This dunes area goes on for 41 miles and has dunes that average 250 feet in height. They described it as a roller coaster ride with blowing sand. These are the before and after shots of their ride.

While we waited for the time for their dune buggy ride, we drove out to the high dunes along the coast, and they finally got a chance to get their feet wet in the Pacific Ocean. Because the water is very cold, few people go swimming in the ocean. These enormous beaches are almost deserted. Our dinner this evening was back north in Newport at Local Ocean Seafood which is in the Bay Front area in their harbor. We were able to get seats at the counter that overlooks the kitchen. It was fascinating to watch the chefs prepare delicious seafood dishes. *****




We stayed in Lincoln City at the Landmark Inn. **** Our walk on the beach was wonderful! Again it was a huge open beach with almost no people. The waves had carried in a large piece of drift wood and it was amazing to see the waves toss it around. By the next morning the waves had moved it about one hundred yards down the beach. We also saw a number of seals in the water. I wish we could have stayed there an extra day.


Day 6

After a walk on the beach, we stopped at Captain Dan's Pirate Bakery where there was obviously a pirate theme including one man in a pirate's hat working there. We got cookies, coffee, tea and very delicious turnovers named Shipwreck Turnovers made with apples, caramel, cream cheese, and bacon. ***** Back in the car we tasted our treats and then promptly went back into the store to buy more.

Our mission today was quilt shops. All the quilts shops were participating in the Row by Row challenge. I have a list of all the quilt shops along Rt 101 in Oregon; let me know if you want a copy. Near Tillamook you will see a number of buildings with quilt designs painted on them. It was fun to watch for them. We went to four quilt shops today and, yes, we bought fabrics at every one! *******

BJ's Fabric and Quilts two miles south of Cloverdale - There were quilts covering the ceiling of this shop! It is down a quarter mile of a gravel road. Don't miss it.

Jane's Fabric Patch in Tillamook - It is painted pink so it is easy to find. They have a great assortment of fabric and an adorable dog.

Creative Fabric in Wheeler - right across from the railroad – the store is on the right - This is the shop with the amazing flowers growing in the front. There was a skirt and jacket on display made entirely of selvages. The staff showed us a new -to-me ruler and patterns that I am looking forward to trying.

Center Diamond in Cannon Beach They have a wonderful selection of fabrics and there is a glass store next door.

From the last fabric store we walked directly to the beach. Astonishingly there were a lot of people on the beach. On the beach is Haystack Rock which is the third largest monolith in the world. Rt 26 was our road back to Portland. I am not sure that there is a straight flat road in the state!

These pictures show the fabric and patterns I bought on this trip. I think I have enough to open my own store.



Day 7

Flew home.

Ask us about:

- “animals in the field”
- holding on to car keys
- where sand can lodge during a dune buggy ride
- cornbread salad and pear cole slaw
- the weather - we really lucked out
- blackberries

Don't ask us:

- Which was your favorite quilt? Are you kidding with that many from which to choose!

If you are planning a trip to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, I'd be happy to help you with ideas and driving directions.