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These are some of the finished projects done by the students in my classes.

Just click on the picture to see the full project.

This quilt called Passages was made by Margaret. The prints and colors she chose add a lot of interest to this design. She had it quilted with repeated rectangular shapes which is very effecive.
Beth made this Hydrangea Wallhanging by following my video lessons. The deep blue for the flowers works great with the soft background fabrics.
Deb used bright colors to make her Triple Exposure quilt.The gradation of colors is really well done.
Sandy used her own palet of colors to make her Life's Ups and Downs quilt. The light and dark backgound really sets off the colors.
Carol used the Me and My Shadow pattern to show off a collection of a cute dog print highlighted by paw print fabrics. It is adorable.
Doreen used purple, green, and yellow fabrics to make her I'm Seeing Stars quilt. The colors are crisp and work well together.
Penny's Me and My Shadow quilt features a beautiful collection of batiks. Nice job balancing the colors!
Here is Ellen's version of the Hangin' Around wall hanging. She chose Christmas colors and her hanging block is dressed up with a Christmas hat. This was inspired by the Elf on the Shelf.
Doreen's Storm at Sea quilt was made as a gift for someone who likes sailing. The heart is easy to see with the soft colors for the background. Her backing is a colorful print of sailboats.
Carol's Storm at Sea quilt has an unusual but lovely color choice. She chose purples to go with the red and it works wonderfully.
Karen's Diamonds in the Wind quilt was created in reds and blacks. The addition of some prints gave it a twist that makes it fun to explore.
Doreen made this Scrappy Trellis quilt for her mother. The creamy color of the background gave the quilt a beautiful softness.
Naomi made her version of Autumn Meadow with a bold collection of bright fabrics. She has balanced the colors beautifully. The binding was done with leftover strips to add fun on the edge.
Dee made this Poppin' In quilt for her son to show his enjoyment of a TV show. He got to pick the fabrics. Dee had a lot of fun putting this quilt together.
Terry's version of Poppin' In is a bit different but stunning. Instead of the optical illusion that is usually the center, Terry chose a lovely print that is more relaxing to look at.
Jane's Mardi Gras quilt has a beautiful collection of colorful fabrics. She did a great job of balancing the colors for a fun quilt to enjoy.
This is Sandy's Mardi Gras quilt. Her fabric choices work together beautifully. The four corners have blocks with a different diagonal which added a nice twist to the quilt.
This is Dee's version of the Autumn Meadow quilt. She used a large variety of Halloween fabrics. It is a really fun quilt to look at, and, yes, it was ready for Halloween.
Check out Valerie's Christmas quilt! All of the blocks or tiles that surround the center panel came from cutting up four identical panels. She cleverly put all the tiles that look like presents near the bottom of the tree. Great job planning the design!
Dee's Eagle Quilt is now soaring! Her fabric choices made this a stunning quilt. It was made with a 10 degree ruler and a lot of patience.
Check out Lori's version of the Symmetrical Baby quilt. The colors and print work great at showing the five different designs. She used a green varigated fabric for the border.
Eleanor's Four by Four quilt has a special destination. It is going to the Paul Newman camp in CT and will be given to one of the campers. Her choice of fabrics work beautifully together and will really brighten a child's life.
Trisha did a wonderful job choosing her fabrics for this Cornerstones quilt. Her attention to the seams let this quilt line up smoothly and look beautiful.
Carol's Pixie Sticks has a holiday twist with the green and red blocks, but what makes this quilt truly sensational are the gold borders around the purple cornerstones. She picked the exact shade of purple to make this quilt exceptional.
This Chain Reaction quilt took a different turn thanks to the quilter, Doreen. She wanted to honor the Olympic Games so the colors of the rings are the Olypic colors. What a great idea!
Karen gave her Chain Reaction quilt a unique twist. The green fabrics in the chains give this quilt a lovely Christmas theme. The fabrics were beautifully balanced.
Jeanne has completed her interupted bargello quilt - the pattern is called Glacier Bay Bargello. Her fabric choices are great; they really highlight the pattern. It is quilted with red which was a perfect color to pick.
Diane's Cut 'n Fold Sampler is really beautiful. Her fabric choices worked wonderfully with this technique. Great job, Diane.
This is Margaret's Paper Pieced Swirl. The fabrics and colors were great choices! She enjoyed this so much, she has started another one.
Dee very successfully made her own twist on the Cut 'n Fold Wreath. Rather than use a neutral background, Dee picked a fabric with winter scenes and centered one in the middle of the wreath.
Robin has completed her Bookshelf quilt. The things she chose for the quilt make it truly a personal statement. I'm sure she has stories about each item on the shelves. My favorite is the folded flag. Great job, Robin!
Here is Tammy's version of the Chain Reaction quilt. She chose an interesting fabric for the center of the chains - a pretty sky fabric with tiny flying birds. The chains are a number of solid colors that enhance the main fabric.
Kim also made the Chain Reaction quilt. She used soft pink and brown floral fabrics. We included the close up so you can see the wonderful butterflies that Kim added with her embroidery machine... a really excellent design choice.
Lori's version of the Chain Reaction quilt features one of her favorite colors. There are four shades of pink for the chains. The background fabric is a soft and lovely combination of pinks.
This Ten Degree Flower quilt was also made by Lori. The color choices are just perfect for this pattern. The green leaves even have a little sparkle!

Doreen has completed her Geese Migration quilt. Her fabric choices really highlighted the design. All the blocks were done as paper piecing without sewing on the paper. Doreen has done a wonderful job of quilting this herself.

This is Sandy's version of the Cabin in the Woods quilt. She added more borders to make it into a bed quilt. Check out the great way she found to add animals to the quilt!

This Cabin in the Woods quilt was completed by Robin M.The fabric choices are terrific. It makes you want to spend a couple of weeks at the cabin and relax. Check out the beautiful fair weather sky!

Pat M made a Paper Pieced Swirl tabe runner in wonderful shades of pink and gray. What a really great choice of the fabrics. The pattern flows very gracefully.
Doreen put her own spin on the Double Pinwheel Variation quilt. The color choices and fabrics worked wonderfully. Great design placement!
Sandy's Disappearing Hourglass Quilt highlights a collection of batiks. Her arrangement of the blocks is lovely.
Tammy's Floating Squares Quilt is an example of choosing a wonderful pallet of colors and designs.
Tammy's Bargello-Glacier Bay Quilt showcases a stunning selection of fabrics, some of which are a variety of colors in the same pattern. She chose a floral border because she said her colors reminded her of a flower garden.
Nancy's Symmertical Baby Quilt has already been given to a lucky child. Her choice of fabrics, some that have a sparkle, make the quilt really fun.
Doreen used an enchanting border print fabric to make two Hexagon Card Trick table runners. The fabric featured hydrangeas. Doreen's seams are perfectly matched thanks to her use of very thin pins.
Dee decided to add her own spin to the Symmertical Baby Quilt project. Rather than using stars and flowers, she drew shapes to create a baseball theme. Check out the ingenious piecing on the back of the quilt.
Ellen used a beautiful floral print to fussy cut the centers of the Paper Pieced Swirl table runner. She made excellent choices for the green and purple fabrics that create the swirl. Her border has tiny writing that she thinks is a recipe for sugar cookies!
Doreen made a beautifully pieced Disappearing Hourglass quilt. The assortment of red fabrics all have a leaf deisgn that work great together. Her careful work on matching seams and points makes the quilt wonderful.
Lori went to her stash to find fabric for this Bargello - Glacier Bay quilt. The fabrics she chose are stunning together. Some of the gray fabrics have designs that add a wonderful texture to the quilt. The quilt was sewn together without pins!

Robin enjoyed making the Praire Point Tote Bag so much she made three! This pattern is a great way of using up some fabric or use it as an excuse to buy more. The prairie points along the upper edge makes a fun twist.
Doreen's Happy Trails quilt has a new name. This gift to two young children is now called the Critter Quilt because of chose fabrics that have cute little critters on the design. What an adorable quilt!
Doreen has already mailed this beautiful Symmetrical Baby Quilt. Lucky person who receives it!

This shows the front and back of Janet's spectaular Eagle Quilt. Janet's choice of fabrics makes a wonderful eagle. This was quilted by Kathy Rich who did an amazing job of highlighting the design,
Cheryl made this Double Pinwheel Variation as a present for her neice. She used the same print in different colors to create a beautiful blend of fabrics.
Judy made a Half Square Triangles quilt in lovely soft colors. The deeper border really adds to the quilt.
Terry made this 10 Degree Flower Quilt for a very important graduate. Her niece is joining the Navy and Terry wanted to make something special. Her fabric choices are wonderful for this design.
Betsy's Double Pinwheel Variation quilt is gorgeous! Her fabric choices of soft prints works wonderfully together. Be sure to check out the embroidered corner squares - what a lovely idea.
John's Log Cabin quilt uses soft grays and blue which work wonderfully for this design. He did extra work on the back of the quilt; I am in awe of how precisely the work on the back lines up.
John also completed his variation of the Happy Trails quilt to reflect the life of someone he wanted to honor. The fabrics work wonderfully together. He also had a great time continuing the design on the back.
Tammy is having a lot of fun with her beach scene wall hangings. She found a great fabric with lighthouses that were the right size for the project. Some of her sand has footprints on it!
Joan's beach scene has a real tropical feel to it because of the gorgeous fabric she chose for the ocean. She found a fabric with flip flops on it that look great near the chair. Thanks for sharing that flip flop fabric!
Dee's Cabin in the Woods makes you want to go stay for a week in her cabin. Great choices of green fabrics!
Dee also finished her One Block Wonder quilt starting with a fabric that had panels of a beautiful blue floral. She finished with a large white border to get the size she wanted. Wonderful placement of the blocks!
Robin's One Block Wonder is terrific. The border area she incorporated into the design really sets off the blocks. It is so hard to believe that it came from one fabric.
This is really something special! This is three generations who came to the beginner Log Cabin class together: Erin, Mabel, and Dee. I don't usually post the beginner quilts here, but I couldn't resist. They all followed the same directions and look how different and wonderful they all turned out!
Robin paired solids with prints for each of her pinwheels and made more blocks than my sample. The pinwheels turn in one direction in the middle of the quilt and the opposite direction in the border.
Robin's Round Peg in a Square Hole is amazing. She chose rich dark batiks for the backgound of each block with lighter batiks in the center. She told me she had bought the fabric for a different project which she decided not to finish; the fabrics are perfect here.
Sandy's Round Peg in a Squarem Hole is beautiful. The range of colors work wonderfully together. Her choice of border fabric brought great energy to the quilt.
Doreen used blue and white fabrics to create her Half Square Triangle Quilt. We used seven different methods to make all these half square triangle pieces. Her quilt is lovely!
Doreen's Spicy Spiral table runner has an interesting assortment of fabrics. She wanted it to look a bit like a leopard. Her idea was a real success.
Renee's plan for her Happy Trails quilt really allowed her to highlight a collection of batiks. By pairing the batiks with the same white fabric, she developed a terrific look to her quilt.
Tammy's choice of fabrics for the 10 Degree Flower quilt astounded everyone in class. The warm coral colors look amazing. She wanted to add in a beautiful butterfly fabric which worked out great as cornerstones on the quilt.
Eleanor chose a group of lovely calicos to make her Lilies in the Mist table runner. The colors worked perfectly together. I really like her choice in buttons which brought the background color to the center of each flower.
Jessica took her Spicy Spiral table runner to a new level. The dark blue background really makes her colors pop. Check out the quilting that is echo-ing the shape.
Tammy chose beautiful bright colors for her Happy Trails quilt. Your eye moves around the quilts following the various color paths.
Petie used a wonderful assortment of fabrics for her Happy Trails quilt. Her choice of borders really brings the whole quilt together.
Robin has completed her Technique Block of the Month Quilt. Her choice of fabrics and colors work so well together.
Kathy's Technique Block of the Month Quilt features her own unique design to bring the blocks together. Great idea!

Robin has completed her Cabin in the Woods quilt which she is giving as a gift. Be sure to take a close look at the cabin; she found an awesome fabric to make it truly a log cabin.

Sandy decided to use some of her blue fabrics to make the Half Square Triangle quilt. After making the blocks, the students could design their own quilt. I love the use of the flying geese blocks on the top and bottom of the quilt.

Tammy made an adorable baby quilt in the Rail Fence Baby Quilt class. The boat in the center square was paper pieced. Her choice of fabrics was terrific.

Just look at the terrific fabric choices Mary Ann used in her Twister Quilt! The colors and designs of the fabrics both pop and blend to make the quilt a delight to look at.

Sandy used a beautiful collection of fabrics to make her Round Peg in a Square Hole quilt. The choices are vibrant and interesting together.

Priscilla used a wonderful collection of batiks to make this Spicy Spiral table runner. It makes me think of a beautiful ocean.

Annette 's version of the Cabin in the Woods has some fun, whimsical elements. Look for the bears, the eagle, and the sun. On the back is another cabin with footprints left by a bear!

Robin's sailboat is on a lovely blue ocean and really pops with the red of the boat. The quilting is done with a wavy pattern to echo the theme.

After making the Butterfly Quilt, Mary decided to try to make the Eagle Quilt on her own with incredible results! She made this for her son to mark his graduation from the Newport Naval War College.

Tammy has completed her Technique Block of the Month quilt. She has a wonderful assotment of colors and fabrics that make this quilt glow.

Alicia used Christmas fabrics to make her Kaleidoscope Quilt which she then hand quilted. Between the blocks are crocheted circles that she dyed green to match the quilt - a great se of her creativity.

Terry also completed her Spicy Spiral table runner. It's all set for the 4th of July.

This spring (2015) we had our first class for the butterfly made with a 10 degree wedge ruler. Mary's butterfly was placed on a square background. Her fabric choices were terrific.

Cheryl's butterfly was finished as a circle. She found a very unusual printed fabric that turned out to magical in the wings!

Check out Terry's Butterfly Quilt! What a great choise of fabrics.

The fourth quilt belongs to Tammy. Everyone has chosen such wonderful fabrics!

Robin's Spicy Spiral table runner has a lovely garland of red flowers flowing through it.

Mary's Spicy Spiral table runner features a wonderful collection of green fabrics that blend together beautifully.

Dee's Spicy Spiral table runner has a wine theme - a clever choice of fabrics. The backing is a fabric printed with wine bottles.

Cheryl's Spicy Spiral table runner has a lovely choice of fabrics. She saya that the color choices reminder her of the movie Avatar.

Karen, who is a relatively new quilter, made this quilt for her dad. She made and added in a bear and a moose. I am so proud of you, Karen, for completing this wonderful quilt.

As you may guess from Sandy's finished One Block Wonder quilt, she started with a brightly colored fabric with a bold design. Her arrangement of the blocks resulted in a very interesting and fun outcome.

Tammy's Geometric Table Runner was done with vibrant colors and great textures. The batiks worked beautifully together.

Lynn's Twister Quilt is sure to make a little girl delighted. She used a wonderful assortment of soft colored pink fabrics in her quilt.

This three dimensional Fall Wreath was created by Tammy. The leaves are especially lovely. A great choice for the background fabric!

Gail has completed her Cabin in the Woods quilt. The grren fabrics she chose are great; they add a terrific texture to the quilt. The cabin is so welcoming - I want to spend some time there!

This is Eleanor's design based on the Modern Quilt designed by Pat Ryan. The beautiful leaves float down over the striped surface of the quilt. Eleanor finished the quilt with metered corners. Beautiful work, Eleanor.

Tammy used a lovely fall fabric with gold highlights for this One Block Wonder quilt. She had three extra blocks that were just too wonderful to leave out. That led to this exciting border.

This Pick-up-Sticks quilt was completed by Sandy. She used a great variety of fabrics for the diagonal lines. The project was quilted with circular swirls which made a wonderful contrast to all the straight lines in the quilt.

Tammy's Cabin in the Woods quilt has some surprising additions: check out the shutters and walkway on the cabin block, the chicken buttons in the cabin's yard, and the sheep buttons in a grassy area near the river. She backed the quilt with a soft flannel fabric.

Valerie, Beth, and Robin completed these three dimensional Fall Wreaths in our October class. The results are exceptional. What beautiful fabric choices they made! The bittersweet added with beads fits just right.

This three dimensional Sunflower was created by Tammy. If you look closely at the flower centers that were made with Texture Magic, you might be able to see the Indian corn. Check out the grasshopper pin!

Robin's Sunflower quilt has a metered corner. She chose wonderful colors and textures for the three dimensional petals and leaves.

Lori made her Sunflower quilt knowing exactly where she would be hanging it in her dining room. The textured flower centers were a perfect choice to go with the lovely petals.

Terry spent time this summer finishing her Technique Block of the Month quilt and her Pick -up Sticks quilts. Great job on both quilts. The first quilt has some really interesting quilting that serves to highlight the designs, and the soft colors used for the diagonal lines is the second really show off all those black and white fabrics.

Petie used the 3 of a Kind pattern to make this gorgeous queen size quilt. She chose batiks to get the wonderful colors. Petie also make two pillow shams to match.

Robin completed her Geraniums in 3-D by adding a border that creates a picket fence. What a great addition to this quilt!

Terry chose beautiful fabrics with exciting textures for her 3 of a Kind quilt. The dark green border really sets it off.

Susan made this bookshelf quilt as a gift! Look closely to see all the wonderful things she included to honor her friends. The flowers are three dimensional which adds a lot of interest.


Barbara has finished the quilt top for this year' technique block of the month. Her color choices are vibrant and well placed. Great job, Barbara!
Robin completed her Iris and Pussy Willows wallhanging. The border fabric was an excellent choice; it creates a hint of sunlight in the top corner.
Petie's One Block Wonder is extraordinary! The center of the queen size quilt is the one block wonder pattern. The additions of borders of her chosen fabric with the more solid colors brought the quilt to the size she wanted.
This is Janis's first time doing a three dimensional quilt - the Iris and the Pussy Willows - and it is beautiful! You did a great job, Janis.
Robin completed a beatiful Hydrangea Wall Hanging. She especially enjoyed sewing on the flowers. Robin said she felt like Mother Nature.
Barbara completed most of the Technique Block of the Month quilt on her own in Florida. She had completed some before she left and finished there. Her favorite is the yellow block. Barbara even used the technique for the diamond border to make a wonderful design on the back of her quilt.
Jeanne made a prairie point tote bag in class and then went on to make this charming tote for a child.
Lynn recently completed her Technique Block of the Month quilt. Her choice of fabrics really complemented the designs. Great work, Lynn!
This is Ellen's One Block Wonder quilt. She did a great job choosing the fabric for this quilt. The arrangement of the blocks is fascinating.
Terry's One Block Wonder quilt is enhanced with the green hexagons to give it interest and movement. The fabric created beautiful hexagon blocks.
Ellen's Technique Block of the Month quilt is exciting. The fabrics formed excellent contrast and textures. It's just wonderful.
Tammy took her Cut 'n Fold Wreath to another level with the addition of embroidery on the center. It is just lovely!
Tammy found an unusual background for her Hydrangea Quilt. She made excellent use of the outdoor background by placing a window frame around it.
Susan grouped her flower petal colors in her Hydrangea Quilt to get each color its maximum advantage. The flowers look so real!
Lori's Cut 'n Fold Wreath is striking with the gold fabric as the background. The greens just pop and the red beads echo the tiny bits of red in one of the green fabrics.
Lori's Hydrangea quilt is really beautiful. Her choice to mix the colors of the petals is very effective. I love the dragonfly being placed against the darker lue background.
Renee used her wonderful creativity in the setting for her Hexagon Garden quilt. The choices of color make the design warm and exciting.
Kathy's Lilies of the Mist table runner came out great. Her choice of fabrics have wonderful contrast that lets the flowers stand out.
Beth chose an interesting way of finishing her Cut 'n Fold Holiday Wreath. By placing her triple border pieces into an octagon, she has created a unique design.
Beth also finished her Lilies of the Mist table runner by edging the flowers with metallic thread. Her fabrics work so well together.
Cheryl's One Block Wonder quilt is beautifully arranged! Her choice of border fabric is perfect.

Tammy's Lilies in the Mist table runner is made from beautiful batiks. The dark background really makes the liles pop.

Last year Pat took the technique block of the month classes. Look at the gorgeous interplay of colors and textures in her quilt!

This set of pictures are the prairie point tote bags made in the October 2013 class at Ryco.

Kathryn's tote bag has beautiful fall colors.

Nancy used yellow and purple fabrics for her tote bag.

Lori's tote bag in creams and blacks ended up matching the clothes she wore to class that day.

Tammy's tote bag featured a pretty butterfly fabric.

Hillary combined fabrics in yellow, gray, and black for a beautiful tote. She liked the results so much, she is planning on making a lot more.

Jeanne used a collection of gray prints and accented them with a touch of pink in the prairie points.

This is Kathryn's One Block Wonder Quilt. She added three tumbling blocks to give it a twist.

Terry was busy this summer! The first quilt is Variations on a Nine Patch from the beginning quilts series. She used bright, colorful fabrics that work great together. (Really cute dog!) The second is the Log Cabin from the same series. I especially love how she placed the blocks to get this design. The third quilt is the Cut 'n Fold Nine Block Sampler that she made with a lovely set of three fabrics. The last one, the T Shirt quilt is special. She made it for her brother who is a fireman.
Mary has completed the quilt from the Technique Block of the Month classes. She chose clear rich colors that highlight the different techniques. Excellent work, Mary!
Renee used the techniques from One Block Wonder to transform a busy fabric into a beautiful quilt. Her plan to add white to the quilt allows each pattern to shine.
Renee also made a lovely baby quilt using the Lil' Twister ruler. This pinwheel quilt shows off a new fabric collection.
Renee's been busy this fall! She shows great talent in putting fabrics and textures together to create an exciting project. This is her table runner from the Lilies in the Mist project.
Lori also made the table runner from the Lilies in the Mist project which uses a temporary basting glue to set the curves before sewing them. Her choice os batiks creates a glowing effect.
Cheryl D. chose batiks in wonderful fall colors to make her Lilies in the Mist table runner. Great job!
Cheryl W. 's Lilies in the Mist table runner features a collection of bright, cheerful fabrics that make the colors dance.
And here is the second Technique Block of the Month quilt! Totally different set of fabrics and it is gorgeous. I especially love the pink fabric with the wavy lines - check it out in the leaves of the Cut 'n Fold block.
We have our first picture of the Technique Block of the Month quilts. Beth's choice and placement of the colors are just perfect!
Cheryl's version of the Hexagon Garden quilt was made with a jelly roll. Her decision of the placement of the darker blue fabrics was excellent and really allows the colors to work very well together.
Joyce's kaleidoscope quilt is big enough for a queen size bed. The floral print gave her a wondeful assortment of blocks. Joyce embroidered the cornerstone blocks in this gorgeous quilt.
Mary chose a beautifully colored fabric of pottery for her version of a kaleidoscope quilt. The variations of patterns in the blocks was amazing!
Tammy's Cut 'n Fold Nine Block Sampler quilt glows with the red, gold, and brown fabrics she chose for this project.
After hand painting squares of fabric for the flowers, Tammy chose just the right parts of the fabric to get wonderful texture and color combinations to make her table runner just perfect.
Beth's One Block Wonder quilt was made from a delicate floral and leaf design. She backed it with a soft green throw for a warm soft quilt.
Ellen chose a wonderful pastel collection of fabric for her Quilter's Tote. It is lined and edged with a fabric that looks like woven yellow measuring tapes. Two of the fabrics used in the stripes show sketches of favorite things. Our choice was the old blue jeans picture.
Tammy's Iris and Pussy Willows are beautiful. The iris look like my favorite wild iris. The forsythia just glows.
Lori's Iris and Pussy Willows wall hanging is gorgeous. The batik background really shows off the three dimensional iris.
Nancy used a wonderful assortment of fabrics for her Quilter's Tote. It makes carrying the cutting mat and ruler so much easier.
Beverly's One Block Wonder was done with a very interesting fabric that made excellent hexagons.
Beverly found almost the same fabric as above in denim blues. You can see that this process can become really addictive.
Pat's One Block Wonder quilt is still in the working stage. She chose a red, white, and green fabric - the results remind me of peppermint candies.
Robin is part of a group that talked me into learning how to make a One Bloc k Wonder quilt and then teach the technique to them. We had awesome results as you can see. This class will be taught at Ryco in the fall of 2013.
Connie's quilter's tote has a bee theme. The fabrics work wonderfully together.
Eleanor's quilter's tote features bright pink and black fabrics which are beautifully striking together.
Renee put her own twist on the Modern Strip It Quilt. The pink and green birds soar from the black and white strip background. This awesome creativity comes from a new quilter!
Tammy's kaleidoscope quilt is a hit with her grandson! The kaleidoscope fabric made beautiful swirling blocks.
Lori's kaleidoscope fabric featured sunflowers which gave a wonderful design in fall colors.
Joyce's quilter's tote bag has rich warm colors that highlight the butterfly fabric. Ask her to show you the decorative stitches she used on the ironing pad side!
Joan's quilter's tote is a dramatic combination of red, blacks, and whites. Can you find the fabric with the music?
Renee's quilter's tote has a lovely assotment of pinks, soft greens, and whites. The brown part on the bottom is a heavier fabric to protect it from wear.
Kathryn's woven rings table runner was constructed to feature adorable groups of snowmen. Great use of the snowmen fabric.
For Brenda's Peek-a-boo Quilt, she chose solid pastels with an adorable border of colorful elephants. Inside the prairie point squares are an assotment of farm animals.
Lleann's Peek-a-boo Quilt is made with a whisical variety of baby prints that work wonderfully together. Inside her prairie point squares are pictures from a fabric about the Saggy-Baggy Elephant.
Karen chose bright geometric and print fabrics for her Peek-a-boo Quilt. The choice of a black print on white as the inner sashings allowed the greens and purples to shine. Inside the prairie point squares are farm animals.
Cheryl competed the cut 'n fold nine block sampler quilt with beautiful shades of green, gold, and brown. Excellent work!
Anne chose wonderful fabrics to create her molded leaf bowl. She then donated it.
Debbie's leaf bowl showcases beautiful fall colors.
Jessica's choice of fabrics were carefully chosen to give her leaf bowl a spectacular glow of colors.
Cheryl's Woven Rings Table Runner was made to complement the wall paper in her home. The floral print inside the rings is beautiful!
The thread color that Sue used to edge and topstitch the molded leaf bowl was the perfect cherry color to bring it all together.
Suzy brought together unusual prints and colors to create a spectular whole. Her choice of light purple for the thread on her molded leaf bowl was exactly right.
Laura chose a creative combination of fabrics for her molded leaf bowl and used a great gold colored thread for her stitching.
This table runner was made at the lilies class at Arnolds Mills this spring. This is one of the two table runners Nancy made. Her colors are amazing with her beautiful thread painted stitches.

The following are quilt top made in the May 2012 classes at Ryco.

Judi made this bordered quilt using fall colors.

Jean dipped into the blues and yellows in her stash to create what she called a spring extravaganza.

Betty chose fabrics from the leftovers of all her quilt projects. Now she can look at this quilt and remember her beautiful quilts.

Brenda's quilt has a really fun combination of fabrics that worked together wonderfully. This quilt is sure to make the user smile.

Cheryl's fabrics are from a Sanibel collection to remind her of Sanibel Island, a favorite vacation spot that she calls her "happy place".

Fran's quilt was inspired by the floral in her quilt. That same floral covers a chair in her home.

Sandy used a jelly roll to make her fun quilt. The pretty fabrics have bugs and butterflies.

Jeanne's quilt was also made from jelly rolls. Hers are beautiful island colored batiks.


This set of pictures are the quilters totes made in the May 2012 classes at Ryco. They are designed to carry 18" X 24" cutting mats.

Diane chose rainbow colors and embroidered the lovely design that says Sew Happy before assembling the tote.

Jean's tote has a pretty spring color scheme using coordinating florals in blue, yellow, and green.
Judi's tote is greens and golds with a touch of red. She chose a surprising red for the inside lining which is wonderful.
Brenda's tote shows her love of sewing. You'll see buttons and spools on her fabrics
Marian branched out from her usual color choises to create a tote in pretty purple florals.

Hydrangeas in 3-D

by Jeanne

The butterfly is her own creation by using one of the leaf templates from the geranium class.

Jeanne decided to do both the hydrangea and the geranium.

Woven Rings

by Diane

She chose beautiful brocades for the interlocking rings.

Diane also made both the geranium and the hydrangea. The geranium petals are made with four different red fabrics which gave the flowers a wonderful texture. She surprised me by sewing on all of the petals for the flowers in both pictures in one week!

3D geraniums by Sarah

The dense placement of the geranium petals really brought out the 3D effect. The brown fabric used for the fence was a great choice.

3D Hydrangeas

Karen chose her colors to match her daughter's wedding colors. She made this for their tenth anniversary. The butterflies are carefully cut from another fabric.

1600 Quilt

Sue's quilt was larger than the basic pattern. She used one and a half jelly rolls to make hers and was still finished by the end of class!

1600 Quilt

Janelle used a jelly roll from the Bali Pop collection to make her quilt top. The batik fabrics are so colorful together.

1600 Quilt

Betty chose three fabric to make her quilt top. The colors in the lively print made it easy to choose the coordinating fabric.

1600 Quilt

Nancy used the fabric from making another quilt to complete this project. Most quilters would not be surprised to see that she could get everything she needed from her stash.

This set of seven quilts were made in the Kaleidoscope Blocks and Quilt by Panel classes.

This first quilt was made by Pat. She used a beautiful blue and yellow floral that made delicate patterns.

Cheryl picked a densely printed paisley floral fabric which is perfectly set off by the teal blue sashings.

Mary used a pink and brown pattern with a brown background fabric. She chose to make a full sized quilt that will have 20 kaleidoscope blocks!

Sue's chioce was a brown floral print with a gorgeous teal for the backgound. I liked how some look like flowers and some like wreaths of leaves.

Ellen's peach and olive floral fabric made a soft delicate pattern which will be perfect for her porch this summer.

Bethany was able to find some wonderful linen looking fabrics for her quilt. Her placement of the fabrics results in a really special design.

Cathy found an unusual fabric with a feeling of being at the beach. In some of the blocks she experimented in alternating the kaleidoscope triangles which brought a new and compelling design to the quilt.

Beth made her wrapped cord handbag during the March classes at Ryco. The stripe really sets off her color choices.

Prairie Point Tote Bags

These seven bags were made at the classes at Arnolds Mills this April.

This black, white, and burgundy bag was made by Lee.

Judy chose a beautiful assortment of smoky batiks to make hers.
Laura's bag celebrates the colors of spring - blue, green, and yellow.
Ginger's black and white bag has a fabulous pop of hot pink as her prairie points.
Debbie chose a number of black and white prints with a splash of red.
Nancy used a collection of fabrics she had purchased in Hawaii to make a summery tote.
Denise chose a brown and tan combination that had the look of suede when combined.